No One Had More Fun At The MuchMusic Awards Than Gigi Hadid

And all six of her outfits.

Hosting an awards show is a tough gig. You've got to keep the show flowing, entertain a huge crowd and oh, right, change your entire look at record speed multiple times over the course of the evening. For that reason alone, having supermodel Gigi Hadid emcee the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto Sunday night was a wise decision. After all, who better to change into six (yes, six!) different outfits in one night than a Fashion Week mainstay? But Hadid didn't only transition from outfit to outfit with ease, she looked like she had a blast doing it. From a show-stopping red suit on the red carpet to her matching moment with Hailey Baldwin, check out the many sparkly, swoon-worthy looks she wore during evening's festivities: Source:

These 3 Siblings Will Give You Cuteness Overload


What's cuter than one stylish, adorable child? Three stylish, adorable children.  And that's exactly what you get when you visit Alicia, Amelia and Livia's Instagram page. The feed, run by their mother, Jolanta Mazurkiewicz, features the trio in matching gingham dresses, leather jackets and Converse sneakers.  Mazurkiewicz's older daughters are 7-year-old twins and her youngest is just shy of turning 3 years old. While you might assume that mom is behind the matching outfits, the UK-based siblings actually love dressing alike. And can you blame them when the results are this sweet? Check out a few of our favorite snaps below: Do you have a stylish kid with an Instagram account? Tell us about him/her at for a chance to be featured. Source:

Why It's Actually Worth It To Spend More On Nice Workout Clothes

Toss out those ratty old leggings and treat yourself.

I hate spending money on workout clothes. I will willingly drop far more than I'd like to admit on bathing suits, sunglasses and other seemingly frivolous things, but when it comes to gym clothes, forget it.  My rationale has always been, "Why spend money on leggings that no one is going to see and tank tops that are just going to get sweaty?" Right now, my most-worn pair of leggings are ones that I bought in the eighth grade (not an exaggeration), my favorite workout hoodie was a freebie from high school and my ratty gym shirt belonged to my mother in the '80s. The only somewhat recent article of gym clothing that I have purchased is a sports bra. But I should let you know that I bought it at Forever21 and was too impatient to wait in line for a fitting room, so it's actually one size

How To Tie Your Tie As Fast As Humanly Possible

It takes just a few seconds, and you don't even need it on your neck.

Why do we wear ties? What is the point? Maybe it's to hide our shirt buttons, to add color to an otherwise monochromatic suit, or to direct somebody's eyes -- as if using a phallic arrow tied around our neck -- down to our pelvis (that was a theory posed on a thread started by The Guardian a few years ago). More likely, men still wear neckties for the simple reason that neckties just look professional. And there are at least 18 ways to tie a necktie -- using knots with names like Kelvin, Nicky, Plattsburg and Grantchester -- and people are inventing new knots all the time. Take Dwyane Wade, for example, who ties his into tiny balls that he calls the Pat Riley knot. This site lists 30 ways, each more ridiculous than the last. But our favorite knot, especially if you're short on time,

Pregnant Blake Lively Is A Babe In This Royal Blue Bodycon Dress

The maternity style maven strikes again.

There are famous folks who are masters of their maternity style domain. And then, floating above them in a class all their own, there are celebrities like Blake Lively. Need proof? The expecting actress appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" in New York on Monday in a bright blue, off-the-shoulder Cushnie et Ochs dress that's all the evidence you need. Completing the bold look with a funky, patterned pair of Louboutins, jeweled drop earrings and a tousled pony, Lively looked beautiful as always.  But the form-fitting look was just one of the many she wore to promote her new film "The Shallows" on Monday. Earlier in the day, she was seen in this flowing Jenny Packham number: As well as this adorable Elie Saab mini-dress: Sigh. No one does it quite like you, Blake.  Source: